Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Holidayssss ♥

Hey my beloved holiday, why are you going to end with immediately? :( 

Although this holiday just have mama and papa spend with me, but actually it is also quite fun de la ^_^ The main point is, not boring at all although everyday stay at home  

{Home sweet home} 

Haha, my parents and I are chasing an interesting drama. I like the heroin so much. She is so gorgeous and beautiful. Unfortunately, she is a fox?! 狐狸精?! Hees, just in the story la (:



Holiday is a fun thing. I can sleep whenever, wherever and whatever I want! It is not just sounds nice but really nice. No one can ever disturb me. Sleeping is the most important in my life :D Rest, is for longer journey yah! But every time I am woken from my sweet dream, I realize that my shirt is all wet >__< It's a hot day. HOT SUMMER

Honestly, I love Krystal ( the centre, blue) dress up so much! Her blouse, her hot pant and even her high heel! Ahh L.O.V.E!  I like to see my idols dress up prettily, hmm :) Sure, my super idol is SNSD! Hooooots~ Haiz, it's so unfortunate that laptop sot jor!! :'( Because of this I cannot download so much of my favourite MV. I think, I need to cry for this. Come, give me some tissues then! 

So nyoh shi dae!! I am sone :> Ah, omni saranghaeyo! Yi pu dae yo <3. 

Oh yeah, I watched the Intimate Note again! Woohoo, I never count how 'much' time do I watch it, because it is too crazy and funny! Haha, how can my Super Junior oppa be like that! Totally lost their perfect image :p Eunhyuk! Kyuhyun! Leeteuk! Kangin! Ryeowook! Sungming! Hangeng! And the prettiest 'girl' I have ever seen, Heesica! You are all awesome ♥ I like to see you all play together, so sweet & warm & touch on neh. Oh. My  Hyukie, it's so pity that you always been bullied by them. They are so naughty la Mr. Simple! Haiyooooo. That's why I like Eunhyuk. Hehe, although all my friends say that he is not handsome. IT'S OKAY. I LIKE ENOUGH.

 Oh my god! Oh your god! Oh his god! Oh her god! Heechul, why can you even be prettier than a real girl? Wosh. This is why I like, oh not, is LOVE SJ so much! Although they are famous over the world, but they never feel proud but being humble all the time. I am E.L.F forever ya!

Last night, I watched a movie too. I watched it just because of Siwon! Actually I not so like him among Super Junior ( he always boom my Hyukie), but I want to support him cause he is a part of Suju =) Siwon is super lengzai! Hehaheha. But, why?? :( I almost cry when watching the scene he was died. WHY? He is innocent okay. And he is a kind man that loves to live in peace. Why did he need to be suffer this all? :"(

I know, it is just a movie I don't have to be so serious. But, I just can't understand.

And.... Nananana. I am going crazy too since falling love with suju. 

Happy & Sweet holidays ya. 8A! Here I come (:  

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