Friday, 27 April 2012

말하지마 - Malhajima

mahajiman jachinaera hajiman ( Pleasa don't say it, don't tell me to be well)

Today, my cute sister Siok Koon is going crazy with me. She chatted with me on facebook. She said that she was boring, wanted me to introduce her some nice song. The song first came out from my brain is , F.I.X 'Pleasa don't say'.

I like this song since first time I listen to its chorus. The korean singer's voice is so soft and get into my heart directly.  My brain and heart  even my mouth are control by this song. So great! So good! Then, I posted on my wall. Siok Koon likes it and keep 'singing' on facebook. Hehe, now we have the same interest to share with each other. This is the first time, she agrees with my korean song :) Now, I feel so _ proud!

                                                     Eunhyuk's smile :)

                                                   I most like this scene!

Besides, the hero of this song MV is Eunhyuk! (Honestly, this is the reason for me to search this song on youtube at the first! Hees ) He's crying .. Oh no, my sorrow show on my face :( The heroin is so beautiful, especially her eyes. 

I'm falling in love with this song, really. Siok Koon asked me, 'What do mean by 'mahajiman'?' I answered, 'Don't go away'. Exactly, I hope those I love don't go away from me. Please.


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