Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ki-yeon ♥

Yes, Ki-yeon. My korean name is Ki-yeon and I like it. First time, I praised myself for taking so nice name :D Hehe. I like 'yeon' this word because of my idol, Tae-yeon. She's Girls' Generation leader. I admire her cause she is pretty, cute, white, has a nice voice and more.... I love her :)) She looks like a sweet sister. And her smile really such a sunshine in my life. She lights up my world. I get my direction of  life since the day I saw her in 'Gee'. 
                                                  Naughty girl

Haha, what am I writing now? Lalala. Assessment 2 is over. But my life is going on. Study not only for exam, but for myself . Anyway, I still not satisfied with my result especially Science & Bahasa Malaysia. I know I can do it better than what I've got :((


I agree with that. Keeping regret, regret and regret is useless. What I need to do is, study hard.

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